The principle "Beijing AI Principles" has mentioned the topic "share" in the following places:


    The principles below are proposed as an initiative for the research, development, use, governance and long term planning of AI, calling for its healthy development to support the building of a human community with a shared future, and the realization of beneficial AI for mankind and nature.

    · Open and Share

    · Open and share

    · Open and Share

    It is encouraged to establish AI open platforms to avoid data platform monopolies, to share the benefits of AI development to the greatest extent, and to promote equal development opportunities for different regions and industries.

    · Harmony and Cooperation

    Cooperation should be actively developed to establish an interdisciplinary, cross domain, cross sectoral, cross organizational, cross regional, global and comprehensive AI governance ecosystem, so as to avoid malicious AI race, to share AI governance experience, and to jointly cope with the impact of AI with the philosophy of "Optimizing Symbiosis".