The principle "Chinese Young Scientists’ Declaration on the Governance and Innovation of Artificial Intelligence" has mentioned the topic "transparency" in the following places:

    · 1) Privacy:

    Stipulate relevant laws and regulations, verify user ownership, strengthen the awareness of privacy protection, develop algorithms and technologies of privacy protection, collect and use data in an open, transparent and lawful manner.

    · 2) Transparency:

    · 2) transparency:

    · 2) Transparency:

    Artificial intelligence should be transparent and interpretable.

    · 2) Transparency:

    We are committed to conducting open source and interpretative research, reducing research on blind black box algorithm, and enhancing multi layered transparency, thus attesting to the compliance with the proposed framework of ethics.

    · 2) Humanistic approach:

    We are committed to providing transparent, understandable decision interpretations and interactive tools, allowing users to join, monitor or involve in the decision making process.