Transparency and accountability

We endeavour to clearly inform our customers and employees when they communicate directly with AI powered systems.
Principle: Vodafone's AI Framework, Jun 11, 2019

Published by Vodafone Group

Related Principles


We will be open about, and explain, our use of AI to our customers so they have a clear understanding of our AI systems and their application. We want our customers to understand how Adobe uses AI, the value AI assisted tools bring to them, and what controls and preferences they have available when they engage with and utilize Adobe’s AI enhanced tools and services.

Published by Adobe in AI Ethics Principles, Feb 17, 2021

3. We put our customers first.

We enrich and simplify our customers’ lives. If an AI system or the usage of customer related data helps us to benefit our customers, we embrace this opportunity to meet their demands and expectations. The aggregation and use of customer data – especially in AI systems – shall always be clear and serve a useful purpose towards our customers. Systems and processes that support in the background are as important as services that interact with our customers directly

Published by Deutsche Telekom in Deutsche Telekom’s guidelines for artificial intelligence, May 11, 2018

2. Transparency and openness

We will act openly in our relations with customers, partners and stakeholders, ensuring sufficient transparency for the evaluation of the AI we have developed. We will discuss our use of AI use openly and subject our work to public scrutiny.

Published by OP Financial Group in OP Financial Group’s ethical guidelines for artificial intelligence, 2018 (unconfirmed)

4. We strive for transparency and integrity in all that we do

Our systems are held to specific standards in accordance with their level of technical ability and intended usage. Their input, capabilities, intended purpose, and limitations will be communicated clearly to our customers, and we provide means for oversight and control by customers and users. They are, and will always remain, in control of the deployment of our products. We actively support industry collaboration and will conduct research to further system transparency. We operate with integrity through our code of business conduct, our internal AI Ethics Steering Committee, and our external AI Ethics Advisory Panel.

Published by SAP in SAP's Guiding Principles for Artificial Intelligence, Sep 18, 2018

5. We uphold quality and safety standards

As with any of our products, our AI software is subject to our quality assurance process, which we continuously adapt when necessary. Our AI software undergoes thorough testing under real world scenarios to firmly validate they are fit for purpose and that the product specifications are met. We work closely with our customers and users to uphold and further improve our systems’ quality, safety, reliability, and security.

Published by SAP in SAP's Guiding Principles for Artificial Intelligence, Sep 18, 2018